The name Victoria is a vintage classic with a strong meaning and origin, yet high popularity. When we think of the name Victoria we think of regal etiquette and delicate features. Perhaps because of Queen Victoria of England. The little girls name is in fact of Latin origin, meaning ‘victory’. A very strong meaning for a cute little newborn!

The name Victoria is the female version of it’s brother name Victor. Both of which were popular back in the day, but have since been in a slow decline. We found no hard reason for it’s diminishing popularity besides the fact that it may have become too common. In the 1990’s, the name Victoria was amongst the top 20 most popular baby girl names, but this was not thanks to Queen Victoria but a very different type of queen. That being Victoria Beckham, Posh Spice of the Spice Girls! (cheers to all the 90’s babes!).

Although Victoria is classed as a traditional ‘old school’ baby name, it remains relatively common today. The history and meaning are very powerful and parent’s love this. In ancient Roman Mythology, Victoria was the great Goddess of Victory, sharing the title with the Greek Goddess Nike.

Nowadays, parents tend to prefer to use nicknames for their daughters, such as Tory and Vikki. But in the US, the traditional Victoria is still going strong.

The Queen Victoria, as mentioned previously, is another powerful historical figure who made the name rise to fame. The Queen of the United Kingdom and Ireland reined from the year 1837 until 1901. She made such a mark in her almost sixty-four years of rule, that The Victorian Era was named after her. This was a time of big change in terms of industrialisation, politics, military evolvement and scientific advancements. She played a huge role in expanding the British Empire.

The American lingerie and beauty giant Victoria’s Secret and of course Victoria Beckham, have given the once old-fashioned name, a new vibrant life. Nowadays, parents tend to prefer to use nicknames for their daughters, such as Tory and Vikki. But in the US, the traditional Victoria is still going strong. These nicknames have even become popular first names with various spellings, like Tori, Vickie, Vicki and Vicky. The name Plum has showed up in recent years, as a quirky spin off to the name Victoria, named after the delicious purple, Victoria plum.

victoria name meaning origin popularity

Overview Of Victoria – Name Meaning, Origin And Popularity

Pronunciation: vick-tour-ree-ah
Gender: Girl
Origin: Latin
Popularity: High
Popular Countries: England, Wales, Ireland, United States.
Nicknames For The Name Victoria: Tori, Vickie, Vicki, Vicky, Tory and Vikki.

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Meaning Of The Name Victoria

The name Victoria comes from the masculine version Victorius (Victor for short), which is the Latin word for ‘victory’.

Popularity Of The Name Victoria

If you are looking for a timeless, classic name that will be recognised in majority of countries, then Victoria is for you. In the United Kingdom it had a peak in the 90’s, and started going down in popularity throughout the 2000’s. It now sits at ranking number 104 in England and Wales. However, in the United States, this is not the case. The name Victoria has been in and out of the top 20 most popular girl names since the early 90’s and now ranks at number 25. Our American readers claim this is because Americans love British history and it’s class!

YearPercentage Of All NamesRank
Source: Behind The Name

Variants Of The Name Victoria

Parents who like the name Victoria have also considered other classic British names, or similar traditional names. Some people are put-off by how common the name Victoria is and opt for something a little more modern. Below are a few that we recommend for you:

  • Elizabeth (Hebrew, meaning ‘pledged to God’)
  • Alexandra (Greek, meaning ‘defending men’)
  • Rose (Latin, meaning ‘the flower, rose’)
  • Juliet (English, meaning ‘youthful or sky father’)
  • Katherine (Greek, meaning ‘pure’)
  • Grace (English, meaning ‘grace’)
  • Charlotte (French, meaning ‘free’)
  • Caroline (French, meaning ‘free’)
  • Olivia (Latin, meaning ‘olive tree or ancestor’s descendant’)
  • Violet (English, meaning ‘purple’)

Names That Sound Similar

Besides that nicknames we have previously mentioned, there are a few other ‘V’ names that sound similar to Victoria, but are less common. Below are our top 10 picks:

  1. Vittoria
  2. Virginia
  3. Valentina
  4. Veronica
  5. Victoriana
  6. Valeria
  7. Vicenzia
  8. Vickilyn
  9. Victorienne
  10. Vicuska
victoria name meaning origin popularity

Famous People With The Name Victoria

Besides the biggest names that we have already mentioned, below are a few other note-worthy figures and celebrities with the name Victoria that you may have heard of before. There are a lot of royals!

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victoria name meaning origin popularity

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