We have compiled a list of 20 unique boy names starting with B, organised in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Firstly, Congratulations on your baby boy! Are you in love with the letter B? So are we! We love how B can sound soft and cute while at the same time being strong and dominant. Names like Benjamin, Billy and Bobby have been around for decades and although they will forever be classics, it is time to explore some strange and wonderful alternatives.

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The popularity of baby names is constantly changing and we understand how it can feel a little overwhelming. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The team at Kid Names is a group of passionate parents who have all been there before. This is one of the reasons why we decided to put together this list of unique baby boy names starting with B for you, to make it a little easier to choose!

There are a few things to consider when choosing a baby name for your little boy. It can feel like the biggest responsibility for a parent. After all, you’re only picking the most recognisable aspect of their identity, so no pressure! Just joking, kind of. It’s alright to feel overwhelmed by it all, we have all been there before, along with millions of others. So, let us share some of the daunting decision making with you.

We advice you to get as much feedback as possible from friends, family and of course your baby partner. These are the people that know you best. However, they may also be the most bias people to ask, so also be brave and get some feedback from strangers or distant acquaintances from all sorts of backgrounds to get an all round opinion. Remember, Kid Names has also already done that for you! But we know that sometimes parents like to do their own first hand research.

Kid Names are baby name experts (who knew there was such a profession!) and we have years of experience in guiding expecting parents to finding their ultimate baby name. We take into consideration aspects such as phonetics (speech sounds), spelling, pronunciation, origin, meaning, cultural significances and famous people with the same name. Did you know that some names could mean one thing in one culture, but something completely different in another? For example the name Malik in Arabic means ‘King’, but on the other side of the world in snowy Greenland it means ‘wave’.

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Here is our list of the top 20 unique baby boy names starting with B:

Our Top 20

  1. Babar
    Pronounced [bah-bar]

    The name Babar is of North Indian origin, meaning ‘Tiger’ in the Urdu language. It is commonly associated with the children’s book ‘Babar the Elephant’, even though it means Tiger.
  2. Birch
    Pronounced [berch]

    Birch is a nature name originating from England. It derives from the pretty, silvery-white barked Birch Tree. The tree is seen as spiritual in many cultures and is seen as the national tree of Russia. Some parents may be put off though as it rhymes with Lurch from The Addams Family.
  3. Blaise
    Pronounced [blayz-ah]

    The name Blaise is French and is originally pronounced with a slight ‘ah’ at the end. It is an ancient Christian name, meaning ‘to lisp, stammer’. There have been a few famous Balise men throughout history, yet it is still very rare today.
  4. Bjorn
    Pronounced [bee-yern]

    Anyone out there a Vikings fan? Bjorn is a Scandinavian name, meaning ‘bear’. It is slowly becoming more popular outside of Scandinavia, mainly due to the famous tennis player Bj√∂rn Borg.
  5. Beowulf
    Pronounced [bay-ah-wolf]

    Another interesting Scandinavian name that has made it to our top 5 is Beowulf, meaning ‘bee wolf’. Beowulf shares the name of a famous 8th-century epic poem. Keep in mind that his nickname will probably be ‘Wolfie’, but Wolves will always be cool, right?
  6. Bodhi
    Pronounced [boe-dee]

    Bodhi is an adorable name with spiritual connotations in the Buddhist faith. It’s origin is Sanskrit and it means ‘awakening’ and ‘enlightenment’. In the stories, the large fig Bodhi Tree was the very tree that Siddhartha Gautama (The Buddha) reached enlightenment.
  7. Baden
    Pronounced [bay-dehn]

    The little boy’s name Baden sounds similar to the more common name Braden (Or Bradon) and Aiden. It is of German origin, meaning ‘son of Bade’ or ‘Bather’. The meanings may seem random and not of much significance to some, but the originality of the name is very appealing.
  8. Baelfire
    Pronounced [bayl-fiy-urh]

    Baelfire (also spelt Balefire) is one of the most unique baby boy names we have ever heard. It comes from Celtic origin and means ‘bonfire’. It derives from the bonfires that get lit on the Beltane holiday. A perfect name for boisterous boys who like to have fun and spread joy.
  9. Bahram
    Pronounced [bah-ha-ram]

    Bahram is pronounced with a bouncing ‘H’ in the middle, common in many Persian names. It’s meaning is ‘smiting of resistance’ and ‘victorious’. Bahram was the name of many Persian kings throughout history (6 in total!).
  10. Bailey
    Pronounced [bay-lee]

    The adorable name Bailey is considered a gender-neutral name and we love the soft tone to it. Bailey became more popular in the US after the release of the binge-worthy tv-series, Grey’s Anatomy. It is of Old English origin and has a few different meanings, such as ‘berry clearing’ or ‘law enforcer and bailiff’. A future Lawyer perhaps?
  1. Balian
    Pronounced [bah-lee-ahn]

    Balian is a Latin or Spanish name, meaning ‘strength of character, humble and noble’. The most note-worthy name sharer is Balian of Ibelin, a political crusader who protected The Kingdom of Jerusalem in the 12th century.
  2. Barton
    Pronounced [barh-tun]

    The name Barton is quite rare and can be seen as a short and sweet alternative to Bartholomew. It comes from English origin and has a subtle meaning, ‘from the barley town/settlement’. Besides it’s quaint meaning, we think it has a regal feel to it.
  3. Baylor
    Pronounced [bay-lurh]

    The baby boy name Baylor is pronounced like the more common name Taylor. It’s origin in English, or Anglo-Saxon. Baylor means ‘one who delivers goods’ or ‘horse-trainer’. However some readers have claimed it is of German origin, meaning ‘a powerful ruler’.
  4. Bellamy
    Pronounced [bell-ah-me]

    The name Bellamy has the ‘Y’ ending that is not often heard of in boys names. Bellamy comes from Old French origin and is used for both baby boys and girls. We love the meaning, it means ‘handsome friend’ or ‘fine friend’, guaranteed to make your baby boy smile when he learns this!
  5. Benjen
    Pronounced [behn-gehn]

    If you havn’t already guessed, the name Benjen is a play on the traditional name Benjamin. It was popularised by the Game of Thrones series, created for the fictional character who played Ed Stark’s brother. Benjen has no other meanings or origin but is a fun, creative name for parent’s who want a modern twist to Benjamin.
  6. Bennett
    Pronounced [behn-et]

    The handsome name Bennett (sometimes spelt with one ‘t’) gives us visions of class and sophistication. It is another one of the Benjamin spin-offs that is popular amongst parents who want a bit more spunk to a name. It is often seen as a surname, but works well as a first name also.
  7. Bowie
    Pronounced [bow-ee]

    Ok, so Bowie is not the most unique name on this list, but it is still a noteworthy competitor because readers have still voted it as a weird and wonderful name! Let’s pay tribute to British rock star David Bowie and pronounce it the proper way, like bow-tie. It’s origin is Scottish and Irish, meaning ‘yellow’ or ‘fair-haired’.
  8. Bramwell
    Pronounced [brahm-wehl]

    Bramwell, with a short ‘Ah’, is another English name meaning ‘well where the gorse grows’ or ‘brambles’. Brambles are known in England as shrubs that grow raspberries and blackberries. The name Bramwell has a lovely English countryside feel to it.
  9. Braedin
    Pronounced [bray-dehn]

    The baby boy name Braedin is not so heard of with this spelling. The more well-known spelling is Braydon and is popular in the US. However Braedin comes from Gaelic origin, meaning ‘broad, brave and wise’.
  10. Brodie
    Pronounced [bro-dee]

    Brodie (also spelt Brody) is more commonly known as a surname, from Scotland. The cute meaning is ‘little ridge’. It is becoming more used in the US in recent years, and is reaching the same level as common American names like Brad and Cody. However, outside of the US it is still rare. One thing though to keep in mind is that his nickname will probably be ‘Bro’.

Not a big fan of our top 20? That’s okay, here are 1160 more unique baby boy names starting with B! Take a look through this list, and take your time, there is no rush. We recommend that you write down the names that really stand out to you and repeat them to yourself. We believe there is a B-name on this list for every baby boy!

We really hope this list of unique baby boy names starting with B has been helpful to you. To make things easier for you, we made this list available for download, so you can save it, print it and go over the names with your partner, loved ones and friends. You can download The Ultimate Baby Boy Names List here!

At the end of the day, it is really down to personal preference for each parent. So many factors can be considered, theres differences in culture to ease of pronunciation with language and even personal histories with the names. A husband may love the name Kieran for a new baby boy, but it’s not so nice for the Mom if she once was bullied by a boy named Kieran.

You should see it like this. A child’s name is the first gift their parents will ever give them. Therefore, it should be selected just like any other gift, with love, attention and personal meaning. Some names will need to marinade with you for a while, or with your partner. So once you’ve narrowed the names down together, write your favourite name everywhere, say it every day, and try to imagine all the different scenarios the name will be used (like shouting it across a supermarket in a panic when they go missing…).

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