Finding unique baby boy names starting with X was no easy task! The letter X is very rare in for a name, as not many other letters fit well with it in the English language. It is more common in Asian countries, especially Chinese and Japanese baby names. In many languages, the letter X is pronounced differently from a ‘Ch’ sound to a ‘Z’ sound and so on. Keep this in mind if you plan on traveling or living outside of an English-speaking country!

To get things going, we created a Top 10 list for you of our favorites. Have fun!

Top 10 Unique Baby Boy Names Starting With X

  1. Xavi
  2. Xyler
  3. Xion
  4. Xaiden
  5. Xenos
  6. Xen
  7. Xylus
  8. Xyion
  9. Xayn
  10. Xyan

List of Unique Baby Boy Names Starting With X

The letter X at the start of a baby boy name is one of the rarest around! It is up there with the most unlikely letters such as Y and Z. Perfect if what you’re looking for is something extraordinary!


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