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The Places in the World Where French is Used as the First Language Apart From France

It is essential to recognize the fact that French is one of the languages commonly used worldwide. There are so many countries worldwide that recognize it as the national language. It is also necessary to realize that in places where it is not the first language, it is included in the syllabus. The language is interesting and challenging for the ones who have learned it as a second language.

It is essential to have in mind that among the nice places in the world that one can tour, France is one of them. You should know that the culture of the people is quite amazing and it has many places that one can visit. It can be a bit challenging for the people who only understand French to visit different places in the world. However, there so may many destinations to French-speaking cities that they can go to. The following are some of them.

It is essential to understand that Montreal is one of the places around the world where you can visit and find French-speaking people. You are supposed to know that the individuals who have been in this place say it is more like a European country than North America. For you to visit this city, you will notice that there is no much money needed. The arts and architecture in this city is also amazing. The other place where French is common in Brussels however, Dutch and Flemish are also common. It is necessary to learn that most beautiful architecture is one of the reasons why people visit Brussels.

The other great place that one can go to is Madagascar which was once occupied by French people and is still the case. The French culture has been felt in this place even though the occupation of French ended years ago. You will realize that the nice landscape in these places makes it a nice destination for many tourists who talk in French. Rwanda is also another great nation where French is used as the native language. You should know that Rwanda is known for genocide and civil war and this is according to the westerners. The post-war remains are some of the major tourist attractions in Rwanda. It is necessary to know that you have an option of touring many places within Rwanda.

Geneva is another important area that you can visit. It is worth noting Switzerland is a nice place and Geneva is the heart of the nation, it is evident that there is a lot here. It is essential to note that one can also visit Senegal.