We absolutely love Norwegian names and meanings for babies. But we may be partially biased as our team are full of Scandinavians! We are also big fans of Viking and North European history so if you are too then you have definitely stumbled across the best article for Viking-themed names! Norwegian names have deep, historical roots and many have mythological associations. The traditional naming suffixes are also fascinating! So whether you are Norwegian yourself, or you are simply looking for a unique name for your little one, you are guaranteed to find the ideal name here!

Traditionally, Norwegians named their children without a surname, and instead just gave them a first name. The name would follow the pattern of the father and end in a ‘sson’ or ‘ssen’ suffix for a boy, and a ‘sdatter’ or ‘sdotter’ for baby girls. Other well known suffixes were ‘son, -sen, -fen, -søn, -ler, -zen, -zon/zoon, and -ssøn‘. It was only until noble-men and women decided to use a surname to pass on through generations did the previous tradition change. Here are a few examples of some common Norwegian naming suffixes:

  • Hansen – Meaning ‘son of Hans’
  • Hansdotter – Meaning ‘daughter of Hans’
  • Johansen – Meaning ‘son of Johan’
  • Johansdotter – Meaning ‘daughter of Johan;
  • Olsen – Meaning ‘son of Ole’
  • Olsdatter – Meaning ‘daughter of Ole’

Originality was not really a thing in Scandinavian countries back then. Parents were even known to give their children up to five names, including a combination of names from their ancestors, grandparents and other relatives. Family was and still is a huge part of life in Norway. It wasn’t until Norwegians began to immigrate to the United States and further from North Europe did this naming tradition sadly fade away.

In the year of 1923, a law was passed in Norway stating that every family must have a single last name to keep up with modern times. Many families stuck with the patronymic name (the fathers name), but many chose places, their farm’s name or landscape names. Below are a few examples:

  • Berg: Landscape name meaning ‘mountain’ or ‘hill’
  • Haugen: Landscape name meaning ‘hill’ or ‘mound’
  • Hagen: Landscape name meaning ‘enclosed pasture’
  • Helland: Farm Name
  • Harstad: Farm Name
  • Buringrud: Place Name
  • Fisketjøn: Place Name
  • Mundal: Place Name

So, without further ado, here is out Top 100 list for Norwegian names and meanings! We begin by listing the Top 50 Norwegian boy names and meanings and then go on to our Top 50 Norwegian female names and meanings. We hope you enjoy them!

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norwegian boy names and meanings

50 Norwegian Boy Names And Meanings

  1. Aksel: ‘Peace of the Father’
  2. Aleksander: ‘Defender of man’
  3. Ansgar: ‘Spear of God’
  4. Asbjorn: ‘God of bears’
  5. Asmund: ‘Divine protection’
  6. Bard: ‘Battle against peace’
  7. Birger: ‘The helper’
  8. Bjarni: ‘Bear’
  9. Bjarte: ‘Bright man’
  10. Brynjar: ‘Warrior in armor’
  11. Casper: ‘King of the treasure’
  12. Christen: ‘A Chrisian man’
  13. Edvard: ‘A wealthy guard’
  14. Edvin: ‘Wealthy’ and ‘to win’
  15. Egil: ‘Respect’ and ‘Horror’
  16. Einar: ‘One who fights alone’
  17. Eirik: ‘King forever’
  18. Enok: ‘Faithful’ and ‘Dedicated’
  19. Espen: ‘God of Bears’
  20. Folke: ‘From the people’
  21. Frans: ‘A Frenchman’
  22. Fredrik: ‘A calm monarch’
  23. Georg: ‘A farming man’
  24. Gjurd: ‘Good’ and ‘Peaceful’
  25. Godtfred: ‘Peace of God’
  26. Goran: ‘Farming man’
  27. Gudbrand: ‘Sword of the divine’
  28. Gunne: ‘An army’
  29. Hakon: ‘The highest son’
  30. Halvard: ‘Defending the rock’
  31. Halvor: ‘Defending the rock’
  32. Herleif: ‘Descendent of the warrior’
  33. Holger: ‘Island of spears’
  34. Ingolf: ‘Ing’s wolf’
  35. Jorgen: A variant of George
  36. Kennet: ‘Handsome’
  37. Kjell: ‘A large pot’
  38. Mats: ‘God’s present’
  39. Mikkel: ‘Which man is like God’
  40. Niklas: ‘Triumph of the people’
  41. Nils: ‘People’s triumph’
  42. Osvald: ‘God’s rule’
  43. Peder: ‘Rock’
  44. Rasmus: ‘Someone dear to you’
  45. Stefan: ‘Man with a crown’
  46. Tore: ‘Fighter of Thor’
  47. Torvald: ‘ Rule of Thor’
  48. Vidar: ‘Fighter in the woods’
  49. Valter: ‘To rule’
  50. Willamar: ‘Known for strong will’

50 Norwegian Female Names And Meanings

  1. Agnes: ‘Pure’
  2. Agnetha: ‘Holy one’
  3. Amalie: ‘Worker’
  4. Andrea: ‘Brave’
  5. Anine: ‘Brave’
  6. Anja: ‘Merciful’
  7. Ase: ‘Healer’
  8. Britta: ‘Exalted one’
  9. Carina: ‘Pure’
  10. Dorothea: ‘Gift of God’
  11. Ella: ‘Torch’
  12. Eira: ‘Merciful’
  13. Elin: ‘Torch of light’
  14. Elise: ‘God’s promise’
  15. Ellinor: ‘Compassion’ and ‘Sympathy’
  16. Else: ‘God’s promise’
  17. Eydis: ‘Good luck Goddess’
  18. Gunda: ‘Like war’
  19. Gunhild: ‘War’s battle’
  20. Hedda: ‘Fighting a battle’
  21. Hella: ‘Divine woman’
  22. Hildur: ‘Fighting a war’
  23. Jorunn: ‘Lover of horses’
  24. Karina: ‘Pure’ and ‘Chaste’
  25. Kjerstin: ‘Christian woman’
  26. Lisbet: ‘God’s promise’
  27. Lise: ‘God’s promise’
  28. Lovise: ‘A fighter’
  29. Magnhild: ‘Empowered in battle’
  30. Maiken: ‘Rebel woman’
  31. Margit: ‘Pearl’
  32. Nanna: ‘Courageous’
  33. Oydis: ‘Good luck Goddess’
  34. Regine: ‘Queen’
  35. Runa: ‘Secret traditions’
  36. Signy: ‘Victorious’
  37. Silje: ‘Blinded’
  38. Siri: ‘Victory’
  39. Sunniva: ‘The sun’s gift’
  40. Synnove: ‘The sun’s gift’
  41. Thyra: ‘Like thunder’
  42. Tone: ‘New Thor’
  43. Torborg: ‘Thor’s helper’
  44. Tordis: ‘Goddess of Thor’
  45. Torhild: ‘Fighter of Thor’
  46. Toril: ‘Fighter of Thor’
  47. Torny: ‘New Thor’
  48. Ulla: ‘Powerful’ and ‘Prosperous’
  49. Viola: ‘Violett flower’
  50. Ylva: ‘Female wolf’

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