The pretty little girl’s name Hafsa is of Arabic and Urdu origin meaning ‘gathering’, and is low in popularity. It is most common amongst Sunni Muslims and countries with the Urdu language. It is also believed to mean ‘female lion cub’ or ‘young lioness’. It is not known as a Quranic (relating to or contained in the Quran) name, but is widely used amongst Muslims for it’s powerful meaning. The boy’s name equivilant is Hafs, without the ‘a’, meaning ‘lion cub’ in Arabic.

The name Hafsa is not common in English-speaking countries, being a predominantly Islamic/Muslim baby name. Hafsa’s popularity ranking currently stands at number 275 in England and Wales, number 238 in France, number 239 in the Netherlands and number 83 in Turkey. Rankings for other countries are not well known and data was difficult to find.

There has been very little recordings of the name Hafsa in the United States. According to the Social Security Administration, only 1,800 babies were given the name Hafsa between 1880-2019. The name had it’s peak in 2014 with 113 little girls being given the name Hafsa.

Overview Of Hafsa – Name Meaning, Origin And Popularity

Hafsa is an adorable little girls name of Arabic origin meaning ‘little lioness’. A fierce, lively and proud personality could be in her future!

Pronunciation: Ahf-sah
Gender: Girl
Origin: Arabic
Popularity: Low
Popular Countries: Turkey, Morocco, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia.
Nicknames For The Name Hafsa: None known

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Meaning Of The Name Hafsa

The Hafsa girl name meaning in Urdu means ‘The name of the Holy Prophet’s wife’. Urdu is a language mainly spoken in India and Pakistan. In Arabic it means ‘gathering’ and in Islamic it means ‘lioness’ or ‘female lion cub’.

Variations And Names That Sound Similar

The meaning and origin of Hafsa is a very traditional and not commonly used, therefore there are not many variations in spelling. However, there are a few names that are related to Hafsa and sound slightly similar. Here are a few examples:

  • Hafsah
  • Hafiz (boy)
  • Hafza
  • Hafizah
  • Hefse
  • Hefsah
  • Hifsa
  • Hafsaa (boy)
  • Havsa (boy)

Famous People With The Name Hafsa

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