The name Frank is a true classic with an old historical meaning, origin and low popularity. The name is believed to have stemmed from The Franks, who were a group of Germanic tribal people during the Roman Empire. The Franks ruled the Frankish Empire (also known as the Kingdom of the Franks or Francia), during the Late Antiquity (the transition to the Middle Ages during the 8th century) through to the Early Middle Ages (5th century until 10th century AD). Back then, being a ‘Frank’ in Francia meant to be a ‘free man’, and therefore the birth of the name Frank as a first name began!

The earliest records of the name Frank being used as a given name can be dated back as far as 7th century AD, for Frankish noble families. The names German and French equivalent ‘Franko’ and ‘Francis’, is recorded throughout the 8th century AD. Frank is used as a nickname for the traditional name Francis (meaning ‘French man’), especially in the United States. Frank Sinatra popularised this name adaption throughout the US in the 1950’s, being born with the name Francis Sinatra.

The name Frank was mainly popular around the late 1880’s and the time Sinatra was in the limelight, until the late 1900’s. It has fallen in popularity today, as many parents see it as an older gentleman’s name. Even so, it remains a beloved classic that gives us a good ‘hipster Grandpa’ vibes, along with the names Jack, Alfred and Walter. These names are often given to newborns in honour of passed Grandparents, and can be easily modernised. For example, Frank is turned into Frankie and Alfred into Alfie.

Being a ‘Frank’ in Francia meant to be a ‘free man’, and therefore the birth of the name Frank as a first name began!

The English adopted the word ‘Frank’ and used it as an adjective. ‘To be frank’ means to be open, honest, and direct when dealing with unpalatable matters. It also means to be sincere and undisguised. If your little boy is a Frank, he could be quite serious at times but also a great people-person who gets along with everyone.

The name Frank is also in a lot of songs! From rock band Pearl Jam’s ‘Dirty Frank’ to Simon & Garfunkle’s ‘So long Frank Lloyd Wright’. Is there a funky musician in your babe’s future too?

frank name meaning origin popularity

Overview Of Frank – Name Meaning, Origin And Popularity

So, to summarise good ol’ Frankie, here are the name’s main attributes:

Pronunciation: frank
Gender: Boy
Origin: Germanic, English
Popularity: Low
Popular Countries: England, United States.
Nicknames For The Name Frank: Frankie, Franky, Fran, Franny

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Meaning Of The Name Frank

Frank comes from the Germanic name Franko, meaning ‘free man’ and the Old English name Franics, meaning ‘French man’.

Popularity Of The Name Frank

If you are looking for a timeless, vintage name with a strong history, then Frank is a great option. Who knows, it could have a come-back in the future! The name Frank was at it’s peak around the 1950’s – 1970’s and then gradually declined in popularity ever since. It sits at ranking number 158 in England and Wales (2019) and down to number 403 in the United States.

YearPercentage Of All NamesRank
Source: Behind The Name

Variants Of The Name Frank

We have compiled a list below of some related names to the traditional Frank name. Some you may have heard of before. They are mainly classic, vintage names with low-medium popularity today but are still very much alive and loved by many parents. These names have stuck around because they are timeless, and even though they are not necessarily ‘fashionable’ or ‘trending’, they still have a certain charm to them.

  • Franklin (English, meaning ‘free landholder)
  • George (Greek, meaning ‘farmer’)
  • Ralph (English, meaning ‘wolf counsel’)
  • Laurence (Latin, meaning ‘from Laurentium’)
  • Clarence (Latin, meaning ‘bright’)
  • Ernest (English, meaning ‘serious’ or ‘resolute’)
  • Patrick (Latin, meaning ‘noble’ or ‘patrician’)
  • Charles (French, meaning ‘free man’)
  • Alfred (English, meaning ‘wise counsellor’)
  • Stanley (English, meaning ‘near the stony clearing’)

Names That Sound Similar

Parents love that Frank is simple with only one syllable. It is easy to pronounce in many languages too. Here are a few variants of the name Frank from difference languages, including female versions:

  1. Franck (French)
  2. Franco (Latin)
  3. Frankie (Latin, Gender-Neutral name)
  4. Frantz (Latin, German)
  5. Franklin (Latin)
  6. Franklyn (Latin, Gender-Neutral name)
  7. Franche (French, Gender-Neutral name)
  8. Fran (English, Girl’s name)
  9. Ferenc (Hungarian)
  10. Francisca (Latin, Girl’s name)
frank name meaning origin popularity

Famous People With The Name Frank

Besides Frank Sinatra whom we have already mentioned, here are a few other note-worthy mentions for celebrities with the name Frank:

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frank name meaning origin popularity

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