The meaning, origin and popularity of the name Ethan was easy for us to find out. Ethan is a well known biblical name and appears eight times in the Hebrew bible, refered to as Ethan the Ezrahite. He was one of the four wise sons of Mahol and one of his songs (titled ‘a Maschil’) was preserved as Psalm 89:1. The Hebrew meaning of the name Ethan is ‘strong, optimistic, permanent and enduring’. So it is definitely a name that carries with it a lot of positive history!

After the Protestant Reformation (also known as the European Reformation) in the 16th century, the name Ethan became more common in English speaking countries. Some of our readers believe that it grew in popularity in the United States due to the Revolutionary War patriot, Ethan Allen (born 1738 and died 1789). Today, the peak of fame for the name Ethan can be related to Tom Cruise’s character in the Mission Impossible movie series.

In the year 2015, the name Ethan was the 10th most popular name in Australia, reaching number four in the year 2013. In the United States, it also reached to number 10 in 2016, with 97% of all baby American boys with the name Ethan being born after 1989. It was at it’s peak popularity in the early 2000’s and is now slowly going down. Which is great news for parents who love the name but are concerned it is too common!

Overview Of The Name Ethan

Ethan has been around a long time and we think it’s here to stay!

Pronunciation: ee-thahn
Gender: Boy
Origin: Hebrew
Popularity: High
Popular Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia & Israel.
Nicknames: None Known.

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ethan name meaning origin popularity

Meaning Of The Name Ethan

The name Ethan derives from the Hebrew name Eitan meaning ‘long lived’, ‘strength’ and ‘firmness’. The perfect name for a strong spirited baby boy with a world of adventures ahead of him.

Popularity Of The Name Ethan

The popularity of the name Ethan saw a high peak in 2009-2015 and then slowly started to decline. There is no particular reason why this happened, sometimes it just does! In the year 2019, it was still in the top 10 list of baby boy names in the US.

Ethan is still a prominent name today. Many celebrities and famous people are still giving this name to their baby boy! American actor Bruce Davidson gave the name to his son in 1996 and Canadian skater Lloyd Eisler gave the name to his son in 2004.

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Source: Behindthename

Variations Of The Name Ethan

There are a few modern variants of the name Ethan for parents who are looking for a more unique spelling. We have made a short list of names that are similar to the name Ethan below:

  1. Eytan
  2. Eitan
  3. Ethen
  4. Ethyn
  5. Etan
  6. Izan
ethan name meaning origin popularity

Names That Sound Similar

The most similar sounding names are less common. They are ideal for expecting parents that like Ethan but want something less used today. The easy to pronounce ‘an’ ending means there are many names to choose from. Our readers have suggested similar names for baby boys such as Deacon, Eamon, Eben and Callen. For baby girls (incase you get a surprise!) we can recommend Lillian, Reagan, Vivian and Rowan.

Famous People With The Name Ethan

There have been many famous people with the name Ethan throughout history. From actresses and athletes to politicians and businessmen. We are sure you will recognise a few of these name worthy mentions:

Ethan Hawke: American actor
Ethan Coen: American film directors, producers and screenwriters (The Coen Brothers)
Ethan Berkowitz: America attorney
Ethan Allen Brown: Politician, Governor of Ohio.
Ethan Allen: Revolutionary War patriot.

Fictional Characters With The Name Ethan

Ethan Frome: 1911 book by Edith Wharton
Ethan Nakamura: The Last Olympian
Ethan Hunt: Mission Impossible

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