The name Ava, it’s meaning, origin and popularity is well known as it is one of the most popular baby girl names today. Ava is a variation of Eve and has a Hebrew origin, since Eve is the first woman to be mentioned in the bible. The name Ava has gained a lot of popularity throughout the years. However, the first time I heard it was 2 years ago, when my little niece was born and given the beautiful name (okay I am perhaps a little biased!). I fell in love with the name immediately and decided to dive deeper into the meaning.

The Hebrew name for ‘Eve’ is Chava which means ‘life’ or ‘living one’. If you have a Christian background, you might be familiar with the story of Eve. If not, let me tell you a little story. God created Eve from Adams’ rib, because he told God that he was lonely (Adam was the first human whom lived according to Christian belief). God created all other animals in pairs, with a ‘mate’, but Adam was alone. Eve is viewed by Christians as the mother of all humans. The biblical meaning (as well as Arabic meaning) of the name Ava is therefore ‘Life’ or ‘First/Living One’.

The name Ava was popularized by the actress Ava Gardner (born 24 December 1922 and died 25 January 1990). Ava Gardner was the daughter of a tobacco farmer and one of seven children. She started her career when she was 18 years old and became one of the sexiest and most affluential Hollywood stars of her time.

266,120 babies have been called Ava from 1880 onwards and more are being added to this list daily.

The name Ava began creeping up the popularity scale in the year 2000. More and more parents discovered the name and so in 2006 it reached its highest peak. The curve of popularity has since flattened but the name is still a popular choice today. The name Ava is most common in English speaking countries and is (at the time of writing this article) the 285th most popular name of all time, reaching the position of the 3rd most popular name in 2018!

266,120 babies have been called Ava from 1880 onwards and more are being added to this list daily. The name Ava was given to 13 babies in 1880, 10 years after the Social Security Administration started to document baby names. 22 February 1870 is the first day that a baby was named Ava on US record.

The name is also used as a last name in the United States. The U.S. Census Bureau surveyed 219 people with the last name Ava in 2010. 64.25% of all the Ava’s in the United States are Caucasian, 11.96% are African American and 16.26% are from Latin background.

The name Ava is most commonly used in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Saint Lucia, Ireland, South Africa, Canada & Europe.

ava name meaning origin popularity

Overview Of Ava – Name Meaning, Origin And Popularity

Ava is a feminine name of Hebrew origin. The name is common in Latin languages and is a usual Germanic name. It is one of the most popular names given to kids in the last 20 years (In English-Speaking or European countries).

Pronunciation: Ah-vah or ay-vah
Gender: Girl
Origin: Hebrew, Latin
Popularity: High
Popular Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Saint Lucia, Ireland, South Africa, Canada & Europe.
Nicknames For The Name Ava: Av

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Meaning Of The Name Ava

The name Ava also means “life, bird, water or island” and the spiritual meaning of Ava has a long history. Since it originates from the name ‘Eve’ or ‘Chava’ in Hebrew, the true meaning is ‘living one’. Some say that the name Ava comes from the Latin word ‘avis’ which can be translated to ‘bird’.

The name Ava has been around since medieval times and is believed to be an abbreviation from the Germanic names Avagisa, Avuldis, Awanpurc or Auwanildis.

So far we have found the following meanings of the name Ava.

  • Ava Meaning In Hebrew: Life, Living One
  • Ava Meaning In Islam: Life
  • Ava Meaning In Arabic: ‘Life’ or ‘First One’
  • Ava Meaning In English: Life, Living One
  • Ava Biblical Meaning: ‘Life’ ‘First/living One’
  • Ava Meaning In Latin: Bird
  • Ava Meaning in Persian: Voice, Sound (Āvā)
ava name meaning origin popularity

Popularity Of The Name Ava

The actress Ava Gardner has had a big influence on the name Ava as mentioned before. Another person that gave the name popularity in the United States was Ava Lowle Willing (1868-1958) who was an American socialite.

The name Ava has been rising since mid-1990s with a dramatic jump in 1998 when the name Ava was the 350th most popular name on the list. Many celebrities adopted the name for their daughters, furthering it’s popularity. It is the name of actress Heather Locklear and musician Richie Sambora‘s daughter. Also Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe gave the name for their daughter in 1999.

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Source: Behindthename

Variations Of The Name Ava

There are many variants of the name Ava. We have made you a little list of names that are similar to the name Ava below:

  1. Avah
  2. Avalee
  3. Aveline (Meaning ‘Hazelnut’)
  4. Eva
  5. Eve

Here are a few variations of the name Ava in different languages:

Czech: Evelína
Dutch: Evelien, Eveline
English: Avis, Avaline, Evelina
Estonian: Evelin
Finnish: Eveliina
Greek: Evelina
Polish: Ewelina

Names That Sound Similar

There are a few of names that sound close to Ava but they are not always related. The first name that comes to my mind is ‘Ada’ which means ‘Noble one’. Another name that is very similar to Ava is ‘Ave’ which means ‘Hail’ and has Latin origins. The name ‘Iva’ also sounds similar to Ava and originates from the Slavic language meaning ‘God is gracious’.

ava name meaning origin popularity

Famous People With The Name Ava

Ava Max: An American sing and songwriter.
Ava Ohlgren: An American competition swimmer.
Ava Gardner: A famous American actress and singer.
Ava the poet: The first named female writer in the German language
Ava Lowle Willing: A famous American socialite.
Ava Astaire McKenzie: An actress that is know for the movie ‘Talk of the Desert’.
Ava DuVernay: An American filmmaker.
Ava Barber: An American country music singer and performer.
Saint Ava: A Roman Catholic saint.

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