The meaning, origin and popularity of the name Ansh has a beautiful background. The ideal name for your baby boy. There has been a peak in popularity in the United States since the year 2000. Ansh is slowly becoming more known but that hasn’t always been the case.

The name has previously been common in Pakistan and India, but not so much in other countries. At the time of writing this article, the name Ansh was rated the 7.787th most popular name of all time in the United States. Ansh is of Hindi/Urdu/Sankrit origin. It consists of only 4 letters so is considered to be a short and sweet baby name. Although it is creeping up there on the popularity scale, it still remains one of those unique and unusual names.

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On record, 1.650 babies have been called Ansh since 1880. Since 1998 the popularity of the name has been increased even though it is still a rare and unique name. 2012 was the absolute peak with 138 babies being called Ansh.

Overview Of Ansh – Name Meaning, Origin And Popularity

The name is mostly used as a first name and given to baby boys. The main origin is Indian and the name is pronounced as ‘ahn-sh’.

Pronounced: ahn-sh
Gender: Boy
Origin: Indian/Hindi
Popularity: Low
Syllables: 2

The meaning of the name Ansh in Hindi/Urdu/Sankrit, English & Australian is given below.

Meaning Of The Name Ansh

The meaning of the name Ansh is debatable. Different sources talk about different meanings. So far, we have found the following meanings, depending on origin.

Ansh Meaning in Hindi/Urdu/Sankrit: “Part or Portion of God, Part of Body, A Little Part of Things, Honesty, Radiant, Broad Mind”.
English Meaning Of Ansh: “Gift Of God, or The Guy That Will Carry His Family”.
Australian Meaning: “The Light Of God”.
Languages: Hindi, Urdu, Sankrit, Marathi, Gujarati, English
Countries: India, Pakistan & United States

Origin Of The Name Ansh

It can be assumed that the name Ansh is mainly of Hindi origin since the name is ranked among the most common Indian names. It has been given to 13 out of 1 million people in India. The name is relatively common in Sanskrit (One of the 22 official languages of Hindu cultures). The name Ansh is also used in the Marathi language, of which is spoken by 83 million Marathi people in Maharashtra, India. Ansh is also well known (but unusual) by speakers of the Urdu language. Urdu (also known as Lashkari) is the national language of Pakistan. Inhabitants of the state Gujarati of Pakistan will also be familiar with the name Ansh.

Names That Are Similar To Ansh

Aansh: The meaning of this rare name is ‘Portion’ and is of Indian origin.
Anshel: This name means ‘Happy’ and is of Hebrew origin.
Anshil: This name means also ‘Happy’ and is from Hebrew origin as well.
Anshelm: This name means ‘God helmet’ and is used in France, Germany, Sweden & Finland.

Meaning Of The Name Ansh In Numerology

The name Ansh is referred to in Numerology as a number 6. A number 6 rules, dominates & controls others. The name Ansh impacts positively on personality development.

ansh name meaning origin popularity

Famous People With The Name Ansh

There are not many famous people known with the name Ansh. So far we found only 3 names.

Ansh Mehta is a director of a few short films from New York and has been working as a freelancer in Mumbai, India.
Ansh Bagri is an Indian actor born in 1988.
Ansh Vohra is a documentary maker from new Delhi, India.

Do You Know More About The Name Ansh?

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