Are you looking for the meaning, origin and popularity of the name Aiden? Your search is over! We have done all the tiresome research for you. Aiden is a modern twist on the original spelling Aidan. The name is a variant of many traditional Celtic names. This includes the Irish & Scottish boy’s name Aodhán (a nickname from the name Aodh) and the Welsh name Aeddan. Replacing the traditional ‘a’ spelling with the letter ‘e’ became more popular after the 19th Century during the Great Migration in Ireland. The baby girl version of the name in Irish Gaelic is Aodhnait.

The deepest Gaelic roots of the name Aiden (or Aidan) derives from the name Aodh, as previously mentioned. Aodh means ‘fiery’ and ‘bringer of fire’, so your little baby boy might end up being quite a handful! That, or have a passionate and fierce personality. Aodh (also spelt Aed) was also the name of the Celtic Sun God.

The name was originally only popular in Gaelic speaking countries, that being Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It slowly became more popular in England, the United States and Canada when Irish people migrated overseas during the 1800-1900’s. Since the year 2000, the name Aidan (with the ‘a’) has been the 57th most popular baby boy name in the United States. In 2007, Aiden was the number one most popular baby boy name in Canada. Which may not sound very common, but keep in mind that is 62,000 baby boys given the name Aidan and 51,000 boys with the name Aiden (with the ‘e’).

Aodh means ‘fiery’ and ‘bringer of fire’, so your little baby boy might end up being quite a handful! That, or have a passionate and fierce personality.

There are a few different variants if you are looking for a less common name that sounds familiar. From The United States Social Security Database we can see that Ayden was the 189th most popular boys name. Others include Aydin in 960th place, Aydan in 808th and Aden in 189th place.

Many parents who like Aiden also like similar sounding names like Hayden, Caden, Jayden and Braden. The phonetics and syllables are appealing to the ear, easy to pronounce and sound cute yet masculine. Some parents have occasionally used the name Aiden for a baby girl, but it is still not very common.

aiden name meaning origin popularity

Overview Of Aiden – Name Meaning, Origin And Popularity

To summarise, the main aspects and history of the name Aiden are detailed below for your convenience.

Pronunciation: ay-din
Gender: Boy
Origin: Gaelic
Popularity: High
Popular Countries: Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, .
Nicknames For The Name Aiden: Aid, Ahd, Addie, Dinnie.

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Meaning Of The Name Aiden

The origin of the name Aiden is clear and was easy for us to find due to it’s popularity. Aiden is from the Gaelic languages, being Irish, Scotland and Wales. It is even the name of the Celtic God of the Sun, being derived from Aodh (or Aed). It means ‘fiery one’ and ‘bringer of fire’. The perfect name for a strong, spirited little boy who is bursting with energy! Some of our readers with an Irish background believe it means ‘little fire’.

Popularity Of The Name Aiden

The popularity of the name Aiden rose to the top 10 baby boy names in the US in the year 2012. As you can see from the chart below, it’s popularity has slowly been fading and the name has been moving down the ranks. Aiden had a sharp rise in usage in the early 2000, until around 2009 when it began to decline. Some believe the popularity of the name at this time was due to the loveable character Aidan Shaw, from Sex in the City, who played one of Carries’ boyfriends. There is no definitive reason why it’s popularity went down, so it could be a good thing for parents who want a less common name.

Even though it’s popularity has dropped, some celebrities still choose to give their little boys the name. Musician Rod Stewart named his son Aiden and actress Tracey Gold used the name for her baby boy in 2008.

YearPercentage Of All NamesRank
Source: Social Security Administration and Behind The Name
aiden name meaning origin popularity

Variants Of The Name Aiden

We have put together a list below of a few different ways the name Aiden can be spelt. Some are modern variants for parents who want to be unique and eccentric. Others, like Áedan, is a traditional Irish Gaelic spelling.

  1. Aidan
  2. Ayden
  3. Aydin
  4. Aydan
  5. Aden
  6. Áedan

Below are a few variations of the name Aiden from different cultures:

Gaelic: Aodhán
Welsh: Aeddan
Irish: Áedan

Names That Sound Similar

The phonetic layout of the name Aiden is easy to pronounce in many languages. Therefore, the double syllable name with the ‘en’ or ‘den’ ending is popular in many names. A few similar names that parents who love the name Aiden have also considered are listed below:

  1. Hayden
  2. Branden
  3. Brayden
  4. Braden
  5. Alden
  6. Caden
  7. Jayden
  8. Jaden
  9. Kayden
  10. Zaiden

Famous People With The Name Aiden

As mentioned before, our research shows that the Sex and the City character Aidan Shaw, popularised the name in the early 2000’s. However, there have been many famous Aiden’s throughout history as far back as the Middle Ages. The oldest documented person with the name Aiden we could find was dated 550-632 for Saint Máedóc of Ferns, who was known as Áedan. Below we have listed a few more people in our time who you may have heard of:

Aidan Banks: Bass player from the British Indie rock band ‘Longview’.
Aidan Browne: Northern Irish TV presenter and actor.
Aiden Byrne: British chef.
Aidan Chambers: British author of children’s books and young-persons novels.
Aidan Coffey: Irish traditional accordionist.
Aidan Apodaca: American soccer (or British football) player.

Fictional Characters

Aidan Shaw: Sex in the City
Aidan Brosnan: EastEnders
Aiden Burn: CSI-NY
Aiden Ford: Stargate Atlantis

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