We have researched the baby name Agne, with it’s meaning, origin and popularity! So if you’re considering the name Agne for your little girl or boy, all the hard work is already done for you! The name Agne derives from the more popular girl given name, Agnes, which is of Greek origin, meaning ‘pure’ and ‘holy one’. Much of the history behind the name Agne refers to the original name Agnes, however Agne is used as a gender-neutral name.

The name Agnes was popularised by the Christian saint, Agnes of Rome making it a common name amongst English-speaking countries. Agnes was ranked amongst the top 1000 most popular baby names throughout the United States in the 1960’s. However, it’s peak of use was even earlier than that, between 1900-1920’s when it was amongst the top 50 most popular baby girl names. Many see the name Agnes as a traditional and vintage name that is quite rare these days.

The traditional name Agnes was in fact the third most common English baby girl’s name for four hundred years, but is now low in popularity.

agne name meaning origin popularity

Overview Of Agne – Name Meaning, Origin And Popularity

The classic name Agne, comes from the name Agnes, meaning ‘pure, holy’. A cute and feminine name with a long history.

Pronunciation: Ahg-nee
Gender: Gender-Neutral, Girl
Origin: Greek
Popularity: Low
Popular Countries: Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, France.
Nicknames For The Name Agne: Aggie, Aggy, Ag, Nae-Nae, Nes

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Meaning Of The Name Agne

The Greek name Agnes, comes from the name Hagne, meaning ‘pure, holy’ and Hagnos meaning ‘chaste’. It is also believed to have descended from the Proto-Indo-European name Agni, meaning ‘fire’. Our readers have also mentioned that Agne can be related to the Latin name Angus, meaning ‘lamb’.

agne name meaning origin popularity

Variations Of The Name Agne

There are a few different spellings for the name Agne that you can use depending on your preference. Switching the vowels and adding others makes the name more unique and modern:

  1. Agni
  2. Agnee
  3. Agny
  4. Agnie
  5. Agnei

Variations of the name Agne have been more popular in other non-English speaking countries. The Polish version, Agnieszka, was ranked #6 in 2007, and #3 in Sweden and Poland in 2006. The French form Ines was ranked within the top 10 in Belgium in the year 2008. Below are a few variations of the name Agne in different languages:

Italian: Agnese
Portuguese: Inês
French: Ines
Spanish: Inés
Greek: Agnes
Poland: Agnieszka
Finnish: Agneeta
Sanskrit: Agni
Czech: Anežka 
Catalan: Agneta
Russian: Agnessa
Romanian: Anjezë

Names That Sound Similar

Below are a few names that sound similar to Agne and are known to be related to it. Some you may have heard of as they are timeless classic.

  • Anne/Ann/Anna
  • Hannah/Hana
agne name meaning origin popularity

Famous People With The Name Agne

Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu: Mother Teresa’s given name was Agnes, Anjezë is the Romanian form.
Agnes of Rome: A Patron Saint of Virgins
Agnès Varda: Belgian-French film director, screenwriter, photographer, and artist.
Agnes Robertson Moorehead: American Actress
Agnes de Mille: American Dancer and Choreographer.
Agnes Buen Garnås: Norwegian Folk Singer.

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