We have put together a list of unique baby boy names starting with A. For those parents who dare to be different and unique!

The vowel ‘A’ is a common letter for the start of many kid names. This is because it is easy to pronounce and goes well with other letters. ‘A’ is also the first letter in the English alphabet. Therefore, it’s sometimes difficult to find ‘A’ names for baby boys that not many people already know very well.

The top 5 most popular boy names starting with the letter ‘A’ in 2020 were ‘Archie, Asher, Atticus, Aryan and Aaron’. Around 10% of American boy names start with the letter ‘A’, coming in second to common ‘J’ names. Think of how many people you know already named Alex, Andrew and Anthony. However, some classic names that we thought were lost in the past, like Archie and Arthur, are slowly making a comeback.

The letter ‘A’ is known to symbolise transition and the beginning of a new phase or period in a life. If you have experienced a struggle in your life or you’re rebuilding yourself after a storm, choosing the letter ‘A’ for your little one means that the only way is up from here. Your ‘A’ baby will shine light on your life!

We understand that it is difficult to pick a unusual name for your kid. It is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life, but don’t let that stress you out. Choosing a baby name should be fun and exciting, so with a little help from us you will be steered in the right direction. Seeing as you’re reading this article about unique baby boy names starting with A suggests that you already decided what letter you want the name to start with, A! Congrats! That’s step one done…phew!

We have found out that the biggest regrets parents have when naming their children are quite similar, so we have taken these into consideration when recommending baby names to you. Becoming a parent has to be one of the biggest milestones in someones life, and with it comes a heavy load of responsibility. Therefore, if we can help lighten the load a little by offering our baby naming services, then that’s exactly what we will do!

Studies have shown that 73% out of 5842 parents admitted that they found better names after they have already named their baby. And a surprising 30% simply hadn’t given it enough thought at the time. It is impossible to judge the personality of your child, so you can only decide based on what name means something to you and your partner. You also can’t predict the future to see what crazy celebrity or movie character will ruin the name for you. This is why we constantly remind parents to be kind to themselves, no name will ever be ‘perfect’ forever, but the original meaning will always shine brighter than anything else.

If we can leave you with any advice on how to choose the best name for your new arrival, it would be this. Don’t rush into things (an obvious point but a valid one!), avoid pop-culture or passing trendy names and don’t feel pressured by family or friends to pick a name (go with your gut feeling).

So, here are our top 20 creative picks for cool and unique baby boy names starting with A!

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Our Top 20 Unique Baby Boy Names Starting With A

  1. Ace
    Pronounced [ays]

    The name Ace is of Latin origin, meaning ‘one, unity’. It makes us think of winners, good luck and high flyers. A well-deserved name drop is Ace Frehley, an American musician who was the lead guitarist and an original member of Kiss.
  2. Arlo
    Pronounced [arh-low]

    Arlo is one of those cool names you never hear of but it’s actually been around a while. It originated in Spain and in Basque country its the word used for ‘area’. Arlo is considered a gender-neutral name and is loved for its bouncy ‘O’ ending.
  3. Ander
    Pronounced [ahn-durh]

    The uncommon name Ander has roots in Scandinavia and means ‘strong and manly’. Although the meaning may seem generic, the name definitely is not. It sounds similar to Andrew and can be used as a nickname for Anderson, but stands alone as a first name these days.
  4. Atlee
    Pronounced [at-lee]

    Atlee is a rare Hebrew name meaning ‘God is just’ or ‘the meadow’. It is uncommon even with families of Hebrew culture. We like how it’s feels like an extension of the more known boy name, Lee.
  5. Amaury
    Pronounced [ah-more-ee]

    Now this name is very rare (and weird?) but can be related to the traditional name Maurice. It is a Latin name, meaning ‘dark-skinned’ or ‘moorish’. It also has a French and German history, meaning ‘work power’.
  6. Altair
    Pronounced [al-tear]

    Altair is a bold baby boy name with Arabic origins, meaning a great ‘falcon’, ‘bird’ or ‘a flying eagle’. It is also the brightest star in the astronomical constellation Aquila. Altair is also considered a gender-neutral name with the most famous carrier being AltaĆ­r Tejeda de Tamez, a Mexican writer.
  7. Auberon
    Pronounced [oar-bear-on]

    Also considered a uncommon gender-neutral name, Auberon is one of those unique baby names that will have people saying ‘wow, how unusual!’. It is an English name with German connotations, and means ‘noble’ or ‘bearlike’. Auberon reminds us of a warm Autumn day or a pretty lock of auburn hair.
  8. Arrow
    Pronounced [ah-row]

    The name Arrow is from the object and is very rare for a baby name. An arrow has strong historical meanings and symbolisms amongst many cultures. It represents reaching and achieving your goals as well as protection and defence from life’s struggles.
  9. Abner
    Pronounced [ayb-nurh] or [ab-nurh]

    Abner is an cute old Hebrew Biblical boy name, appearing twice in the New Testament. He was the cousin of King Saul and the army commander-in-chief. It is an unlikely name to hear on the playground, and that’s why we like it! Do you?
  10. Amias
    Pronounced [ahm-eye-us] or [ah-mee-us]

    Amias is one of those noteworthy cool Latin boy names that has a minimal letter count but also 3 syllables. We have a soft spot for the ‘Ah’ sound that is a syllable in itself, giving it an exotic flare. It is an adorable name, meaning ‘loved’.
  1. Alistair
    Pronounced [ah-lee-stare]

    Alistair (also spelt Alastair) may not be unusual enough for you if you’re looking for a really remarkable and uncommon boy name. However, our research shows that the name Alistair is still rare enough these days to be classed as unique. It is of Scottish-Gaelic origin and means ‘defending men’.
  2. Angus
    Pronounced [ahn-guhs]

    Another Scottish-Gaelic baby boy name that could be familiar to you is Angus. It is used more often within the United Kingdom and Scotland, but still out of the ordinary within the US and elsewhere. Angus means ‘one strength’ (but also a juicy steak…).
  3. Arden
    Pronounced [ar-den]

    Arden is an unnisex name and used for both baby girls and boys and although it has the most beautiful meaning, it still has limited use today. It is of English origin and means ‘valley of the eagle’. Shakespeare’s mother was named Mary Arden, for whom he named the enchanted forest after in his play ‘As You Like It’.
  4. Adlai
    Pronounced [ahd-lay] or [ahd-lie]

    Originally from Hebrew culture, Adlai is also a Biblical name, appearing in the Old Testament. Many readers say it derives from the Hebrew name Adaliah and means ‘God is just’. The most popular person with the same name is Adlai Stevenson II, an American lawyer and politician.
  5. Ambrose
    Pronounced [ahm-bro-zee]

    This is a truly rare and unique baby boy name and a favourite of ours as it has that exotic softness but also a deeper mystery to it. It is of Latin origin, meaning ‘immortal’ and also comes from the Greek word ‘ambrosia’ which was the immortal food of the gods. Ambrose was also the name of the Roman composer and Bishop of Milan in the 4th century.
  6. Anatole
    Pronounced [ah-nah-toal]

    The name Anatole comes from the Greeks and means ‘from the east’ or ‘rising sun’. It portrays visions of fiery sunrises and bright, new beginnings. It is an uncommon name in many countries but the French seem to like it. Anatole Kuragin was the handsome, daring prince in the famous ‘War and Peace’ book by Tolstoy.
  7. Atlas
    Pronounced [aht-lahs]

    The baby name Atlas is popular with parents who like to travel, sail and consider themselves worldly. This is because the modern day definition of the word Atlas means ‘book of maps or charts’. However, the name Atlas is in Greek mythology and means ‘bearer of the heavens’.
  8. Aziz
    Pronounced [ahz-eez]

    Aziz has all sorts of eccentric pizzazz! It is an Arabic baby name, common in Morocco, meaning ‘powerful and beloved’. It is believed to be one of 99 names related to Allah. American Asian actor and comedian Aziz Ansari is a great example.
  9. Alaric
    Pronounced [al-arh-is] or [al-arh-ick]

    Alaric is a kid name fit for a King, literally being the name of two Visigothic Kings. It is of robust German origin and means ‘all-powerful ruler’. It reminds us of the more traditional names Frederick and Roderick. Can your child carry such a powerful name for your baby boy?
  10. Aza
    Pronounced [ah-zah]

    Aza (also spelt Asa) is another unusual gender neutral Arabic name with those dominant Z’s that has made its way into Western naming culture. It’s meaning is ‘powerful’ and is used for both girls and boys (but more commonly boys).

If our top 20 names are not really your taste, then don’t worry, we have hundreds unusual baby names more to choose from. We have traversed the globe and put together a list containing over 1000 unique baby boy names starting with A! All organised in alphabetic order for your convenience. We hope this will help you pick a boy name for your gorgeous new arrival! You can download the Ultimate Baby Boy Name List here!

We have been writing about kid names and their meanings for years now so we can confidently say we are experts in the field. You can trust our research and we promise we will share with you all the funny truths and turn-offs that come with the boy and girl names, not just the positives. This way you can be aware of any possible nicknames or histories the names come with.

We really listen to what parents want in a baby name, and parents have even secretly told us that they regret the name they chose because they didn’t know it meant something not so pleasant. Kid Names aims to take away the uncertainty so you know as much as possible about the baby name you are considering before you pick it. If you are in love with a particular boy name but you are unsure if there are any hidden meanings behind it, then try our Baby Name Generator. This generator contains thousands of names.

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