20 Girl Names That Are Short And Sweet

It is difficult to name a youngster, one of the hardest things two guardians will do. They should concede to what the name will be and trust that it will suit their daughter once she makes her enormous landing. There is a great deal to think about when choosing a name, and it is not kidding business. 

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Guardians must think about conceivable epithets, name implications and to what extent they need the name to be. Another pattern in infant names is picking short names. Names with a couple of syllables is the thing that guardians are going for. The shorter the name the better. It makes the name simple to spell and articulate, so there is no disarray at school or when addressing different guardians. 

We have discovered 20 of these names, and the magnificent thing about these names is that they are altogether viewed as conventional yet exceptionally exquisite names. Names that will never leave style, and that nobody will ever become weary of hearing. If you want to discover more names, download the Ultimate Baby Girl Name List with 25.486 names!!

20. ALICE 

Alice is a name that you can never turn out badly with, it will dependably be viewed as a work of art and it will dependably have that sweet appeal to it. The name Alice is of German source and it signifies “respectable.” An awesome significance for a developing young lady. 

As indicated by Nameberry.com, the name positioned in at #70 in 2017. In this way, while it isn’t anyplace close to the best 10 it is as yet normal. The name additionally dropped 11% this week alone so it is winding up increasingly one of a kind. 

19. ELLA 

There was quite a while when the name Isabella was the most well known decision for young ladies, and after that guardians dropped the front half and ran with the name Bella. Presently, we are seeing an ever increasing number of young ladies named Ella. 

The name is of German and English beginning and it signifies “all, totally; pixie maiden.”In 2017, the name positioned in at #16 meaning it is more well known now than individuals even figure it out. The name is short, simple to state and spell and is ideal for any young lady. 

18. IRIS 

A great deal of names that are short, basic and sweet likewise have a place with the names of blooms. Blooms and delightful, sensitive and they continually convey a grin to somebody’s face, so they are the ideal motivation for a name for your infant young lady. 

Alongside being the name of a blossom, the name is likewise Greek in source and it signifies “rainbow.” In 2017, the name positioned in at #149, so while it is still very much cherished, it didn’t break the main 100. 

17. EVE 

Eve is another three-letter name that is extremely mainstream among guardians. It has fascinate with an intriguing sound to it. The name is of Hebrew starting point and it signifies “life.” In 2017, the name was positioned in at #436 however it is gradually rising each week. 

Eve is additionally a scriptural name, and it really holds the title of the most established name in perhaps the world. Being the name of the principal lady on earth. It is additionally a name that demonstrates guardians don’t have to get excessively inventive, making it impossible to locate a sweet and uncommon name. 

TIP: We have written an article about the name ‘Ava’ that is very similar to Eve.

16. MARA 

Many may have accepted that the name Mary would be on this rundown, as it is short and a work of art. Notwithstanding, there are many individuals who trust that name to be a little to out-dated. Mara is an incredible elective that is short, one of a kind and hip=sounding. 

The name is of Hebrew starting point and it signifies “unpleasant.” If guardians can move beyond the not really positive significance it might be an incredible decision. In 2017, the name positioned in at #670 so it isn’t that regular by any means. 

15. MAY 

A great deal of guardians like to name their kids following quite a while of the year, and May is a standout amongst the most lovely months of the year, so it is just fitting guardians would need to give their kids this name. The name is viewed as a humble of the name Margaret and it signifies “pearl.” 

It is additionally recorded as only multi month name. In 2017, the name had no positioning by any stretch of the imagination, yet it rose 1% this week. Soon we see this name on the outlines. 

14. ROSE 

Rose is another short name that pays praise to a standout amongst the most delightful and sentimental roses in the garden. It is Latin in source and it signifies “rose, a bloom.” Pretty straight forward. In 2017, the name positioned in at #141 so it isn’t as well known as it once might have been, which might be flawless. 

The name really was grinding away’s most astounding as far as prevalence during that time 1896 to 1921 where it reliably sat in the best 20’s. 

13. TARA 

Tara is another name that is by all accounts falling behind, and an ever increasing number of guardians are disregarding it. It is about time for a rebound however. This short, straightforward and sweet name is of Irish root and it signifies “rough slope.” 

In 2017, the name came in at #985 which may make this the most one of a kind name on our rundown, which may come as a stun to many individuals. Some may recall the one understood big name Tara Reid who shared this name. 

12. UMA 

Move over Uma Thurman, there will undoubtedly be significantly more Uma’s en route. Uma is a short name that sounds to a great degree colorful and uncommon. The name Uma is Sanskrit in source and it signifies “country.” It has no positioning starting at the present moment, which means your daughter will be the just a single in the classroom. 

Uma is additionally the name of a Hindu goddess, so there is a great deal of verifiable centrality there also. Simply don’t botch it with the Irish name, Una. 

11. VERA 

Vera may seem like a name that just a grandma would have, yet it is advancing once more into the world as a name for lovable young ladies. The name Vera is of Russian in starting point and it signifies “confidence.” In 2017, the name positioned in at #278 making it considerably more typical than individuals may understand. 

The name was at its crest in ubiquity in the year 1910, which is the reason many individuals may feel this name is excessively out-dated. 

10. ELSA 

Elsa is likely a name that is genuinely normal because of the arrival of the hit Disney motion picture Frozen, however the name has substantially more significance than that of an Ice Queen. The name is really the German type of the name Elizabeth and it signifies “swore to God.” 

In 2017, the name was positioned in at #683, so it isn’t as prevalent as some may trust it to be. On the off chance that you are searching for a name that is a hit however isn’t excessively normal than this is the name for you. 

9. HANA 

There are numerous approaches to spell this beguiling and basic name. You can spell it Hana, Hanah or Hannah. Regardless of how you spell it, it is straightforward, and it never leaves style. The name is of Hebrew root and it signifies “elegance.” 

In 2017, the name was positioned in at #32 so it is as yet making the most of its time close to the highest priority on the rundown. The name likewise has establishes in the Bible, so it is ideal for those guardians searching for a progressively Biblical name. 

8. Happiness 

Now and again we name our kids after the sentiments they give us, and the emotions we trust they will give everyone around them, so the name Joy might be ideal for you. The name has no place of root and no importance, since it is just viewed as a word name. 

In 2017, the name positioned in at #336 so it isn’t as basic as some may think. The most astounding point this name each observed was in 1974 when it was sitting at #109 on the ubiquity list. 

7. AMY 

Amy is another name that is straightforward, and everybody remarks about how dazzling a name when they hear it. It might be the ideal name for your daughter, and the significance improves it sound even. The name is of French root and it signifies “adored.” 

In 2017, the name positioned in at #174 so it is unquestionably not a name you will hear each day, but rather it is gradually ascending on the rundown so right now is an ideal opportunity to snatch it. 

6. ANNE 

Anne is a name that a great many people may believe is flat, however that implies the name is immortal and it never leaves style. It is one of the more phenomenal names on our rundown, just positioning in at #575 in 2017. It likewise dropped 19% this week alone. 

The name is of French, English and Hebrew root and it signifies “effortlessness.” So, no doubt the name is quite common. It likewise pays praise to Anne of Green Gables for any parent out there who adores exemplary writing. 

5. AVA 

Names that comprise of just three letters are winding up increasingly more prevalent as the days pass by, and Ava is at the highest priority on the rundown. The name Ava positioned in at #3 in 2017, making it a standout amongst the most prevalent decisions for young ladies. 

The name is of Latin root and it signifies “life.” Something our daughters will be brimming with. The name is likewise viewed as a variety of the name Eve and is identified with flying creatures. 

TIP: We have written an article about the name Ava. You can read more abou this beautiful name here.


Claire is a name that is short, sweet and has a quality of sensitivity that settles on it an ideal decision for a young lady. The name Claire is of French beginning and it signifies “brilliant, clear.” It is really the French type of the name Clara. 

In 2017, the name positioned in at #49 so an ever increasing number of guardians are adoring this name for their little princess. Another incredible thing about the name Claire, is that it has a vintage feel about it without sounding excessively stuffy. 

3. KATE 

Kate is a name that is a work of art, conventional and very much adored name. It turned out to be much increasingly well known when the world met and went gaga for Kate Middleton, who wedded Prince William and turned into a princess! The name is obviously the short type of the name Katherine, yet it is procuring a spot of its own one of a kind. 

The name is of English root and it signifies “unadulterated.” In 2017, the name positioned in at #275 and it is gradually declining as the weeks pass by. 


On the off chance that mother or father experienced childhood during the 90’s, this name may remain as a cherished memory to them. It was the name of one of the principle characters in the well known show, Saved By The Bell. A fascinating reality about this name is that it is really viewed as a unisex name, however it is utilized significantly more for young ladies. 

The name is of Irish inception and it signifies “war.” Now, we may never need our youngsters to really do battle, regardless we need them to have some battle in them. In 2017, the name positioned in at #595 so a portion of the 90’s appeal may have subsided. 

1. LISA 

Lisa is another name that can be found on Saved By The Bell, yet additionally on The Simpsons, another well known demonstrate that is adored by individuals around the globe. It is likewise another name that is viewed as OK to be us.

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