10 Flourless Cookie Recipes You Need in Your Arsenal for Quarantine Baking Success

When flour is hard to come by—but you still want to do a little baking—there are plenty of flourless desserts you can still make and enjoy. I’ve gathered a collection of flourless cookies for you here. None of the recipes call for any flour at all, in the ingredients. And they are all completely amazing and delicious. Who needs flour to make cookies? You don’t! Bake one of these easy flourless cookie recipes today.

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Click through the slideshow gallery to view 10 cookie recipes that don’t use any flour. There are a few varieties of flourless peanut butter cookies, which are pretty easy to make without flour. And if you like almond butter, there’s a really good almond butter cookie recipe too. If you are a candy and chocolate lover, you will be happy to know that I have a few flourless chocolate chip and candy chocolate cookie recipes in this bunch as well. Because if we have to be stuck at home during quarantine, we might as well have homemade baked goods to enjoy, right?

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10 Flourless Cookie Recipes: including flourless peanut butter cookies, flourless monster cookies, flourless chocolate cookies and more!

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