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Kid Name Generator

This tool will help you with finding the perfect name for your little miracle. We have a database with thousands of names and have made this tool to make choosing the right name a little easier.

Due Date Calculator

Congrats! You are pregnant. Of course you want to know the due date of your pregnancy. We have made a calculator that can help you determine the date your little miracle will be born!

Kid Height Predictor

One day your little baby will be an adult. This will take a while and in the meantime you might be curious how tall your baby will be. Therefor we have made a tool to predict your babie’s height.

The Ovulation Calculator

The ovulation calculator can help you determine the perfect date to get pregnant. Find the perfect date and soon you will (hopefully) be pregnant of new life. Where are you waiting for?

“A baby is as pure as an angel and as fresh as a blooming flower.”

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